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Mega brain infusion: six things about the brain that will make it crumble

The brain is almost the most important thing in our bodies. In the past physicians would prescribe brain operations, meaning just pulling brains out, in order to cure illnesses. Needless to say that such operations cures the patient for ever. Now we know more and we experiment more on it, but we are still puzzled with the way ot works. But we’re getting closer. Artificial brain, here we come.

In the video from above you can see that we have already achieved an interesting goal: brain to brain communication. Using some wireless transmitters that can pickup our thoughts and then send them remotely to another brain we could simply speak of telepathy obtain technologically. That was thing number one about your brain.

The second things: the brain gets addicted to social media. Yep, social media will change the way your brain is wired. Remember, multi-tasking doesn’t really mean you can do more, it only means that you distribute your effort in multiple places and achieve less:

Thing 3: does alcohol kill your brain cells? Nope. The brain can eat up enough and still let you go on with your life. The main issue: if you drink too much alcohol the liver will suffer.

Thing 4: coffee is making your brain rebuild itself and ask for more. If you drink more coffee over time your brain will get used to it and you will have to drink more and more.

Thing 5: Frankenstein might be something true in the future. Luigi Galvani tested electric currents on dead frogs. The same principle applies when we give our brains some electrical stimuli to make it work better in certain ways. Frankenstein is here.

Thing 6: if you remove the hippocampus, then you won’t be able to form memories ever again. Removing the hippocampus will block the brain from seeding memories in the cortex and thus you won’t be able to remember anything new again. Likewise, removing certain parts of the brain will impair you and will prevent you doing/feeling certain things.

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