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Aloha: black holes also create stars. Bet you didn’t knew that

It seems that the very same process that leads to matter being eaten up and destroyed by a black hole can lead to the formation of new stars far away. As the black holes gobble up matter that matter will first rotate in a vortex like path around the black hole while it is falling inside it.

Before the matter is able to be eaten up by the black hole it is heating up like crazy due to friction with the rest of the matter that is falling into the back hole. This interesting process leads to a situation in which the black hole while it is eating up some of the matter it will also shoot out a part of it in a form of highly energized (heated up and accelerated to relativistic speeds) beam of matter/gas.

That beam of matter will then reach a nearby cloud or galaxy and it will help the gas clouds form blobs of gas that are heated up and are cramming more and more gas from its surroundings. In this way, while the black hole eats up matter in one place, it may also help to the formation of stars in another place. Incredible.

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