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What’s the fastest animal in this world? Pilobolus, the fungus cannon

Pilobolus can eject the spores with a speed of up to 25 meters/second and it accelerates to the top speed in a millionth of a second. That means 20 000 G in that short period of time. That is simply insane.

No other animal of living being for that matter is that fast.

Now, let’s see something that is fast as hell: explosions. See the shockwave in front of the explosion? That is the shockwave that can rupture your organs if the blast is strong enough.

What you need to know is that explosives don’t need to lift you in the air and then throw you a mile away to kill you. They only have to send a shockwave through your body strong enough that your internal organs will rupture to pieces and you die. Check that first water baloon: it stoo in place, but it was blown to pieces.

When you see a grenade simply run:

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