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10 food myths busted

I love crazies that tell everyone that we eat poison and that synthetic substances are bad and so on. They’re fun to watch because they passionately tell everyone to avoid otherwise harmless things and refuse, religiously, to look at evidence and just shut the f… up.

Here are some of the food myths you will see int he video from above:
– McDonald’s nuggets do not contain pink slime with chicken eye balls – it’s all meat baby
– washing meat in ammonia that is also used in cleaning products – it is safe in small amounts as it kills E-coli. Remember: the dose makes the poison. Even apples have a poison called amygdalin in them and we still eat them without issues
– KFC using genetically modified organisms, not chicken? Come one, even a chicken that has been specially bred over the years to become bigger is a genetically modified organism
– McDonald’s does not use worms and eye balls in their food. jeez
– coca-cola can’t dissolve the teeth of the drinkers as it stays only a bit of time in the mouth

Check more such myths in the video from above.

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