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Behold: hear the oldest recovered song of humans and the oldest song instrument

Did you just hear that? That is the oldest ever song of the human species. The song was recovered from stone tablets from Syrian town of Ugarit. The song was written in Hurrian language that was prevalent 3400 years ago in Mesopothamia and Syria.

Anna Draffkorn Kilmer, professor de asyrology from California University found out, in 1972, that the tablets were a song dedicated to a local deity and Richard Fink found out that the song had 7 notes. This song predates the Greek songs by more than one millenium.

The song is pretty cool, but they don’t really know the rhythm.

Now, behold the oldest singing instrument: a flute made of a bone (femur) from an cave bear some 60 000 years ago. Yup, at that time the Neaderthalians rules Europe and our species was thousands of years away. The flute as located in Divje Babe, Slovenia.

Via Stiinta si Tehnica.

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