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4 new chemistry lifehacks to rule your day

The guys at Reactions have saved the day once again. They explain 4 new lifehacks and the chemistry behind them. It is not often that we get to understand why we need to do something that might help us in the future.

Here are the 4 lifehacks we should test right now:
– if you want to cool your beer faster, then insert salt in the water and then put ice cubes in it. The water will then be able to freeze well below the 0 degrees Celsius and the beer will cool off faster. The water cools below 0 degrees if there are impurities in it.
– fruit flies can be caught if you use a dish with vinegar in it and then put a plastic bag with holes over it. Fruit flies love vinegar and they will be caught in the trap.
– when you fry hamburgers make sure to crack a hole in the middle so that the entire meat will be cooked evenly
– avoid having stinky sponges by using 2, one in the morning and one in the after-noon.

Case solved 😀

Also, I’d suggest you buy a great book I bought in February, 2014: The Wise Book of Whys
. You will understand why some things are done in a certain way, but you will also see the historic or scientific background of many concepts, terms, processes. A great read. Example: if you want your fruits to ripen faster, simply put a ripen fruit in the same bag as those other green fruits. They all will ripen faster. Why? A ripen fruit gives off ethylene and, if other fruits sense that chemical, they will accelerate the rate at which they ripen.

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