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Why is time relative?

Einstein found out a hundred years ago that time and space are relative to the reference frames. That means that time flows a bit differently for someone in a plane than for someone standing still in his house. You get to see this at high speeds comparable to the speed of light, called relativistic speeds.

Nick, from Science Asylum, explains why time is relative and why it couldn’t be in any other way. If we would drive with the car around for long enough we would live longer by a few femtoseconds. That is too small of a time for our bodies to feel, but the time contraction, while we drive, does exist. This is why they needed to sync the clocks on the GPS satellites with the atomic clocks on Earth to give us accurate readings.

See the link between GPS and time contraction:

Also, check the video created by Minute Physics about the Special Theory of Relativity:

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