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Motherfuckers in the history of science: Tycho Brahe

Tycho Brahe was a danish astronomer who lived int he 16th century and was one of the few to have his own science castle where we could employ a ton of scientists to work on observation, experimentation and new theories.

He lost his nose in a sword fight with cousin over a math problem. He continued to use a gold nose for the rest of his life.

The video from above is amusing and also educative. If you’re too scared of vulgarity, then the video is not for you, but I love it. Science needs, from time to time, to shake the world even with presentations like this one.

SisyphusRedeemed, a professional philosopher, doesn’t shy away from unconventional methods of presenting science and scientists. Why? Because a ton of people think science is freaking boring and irrelevant. Only scientists and fans thereof know the incredible feat of using electricity to power our gadgets, or what it means to know that there are a ton of Earth like planets out there and that Mars might have had life on it.

Do you get it? Science is incredible and if we need to tell people that Tycho Brahe fucking owned the science world of its day, then we all should agree with Sisyphus Redeemed that he had balls that would block the sun.

Getting back to Tycho Brahe he is mentioned only as a footnote, a link between Nicolaus Copernicus, who said that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and Galilelo Galilei, the man who proved it, but Brahe predicted, at age 27, his own lunar eclipse, making him the youngest one to do so.

He catalogued over 1000 stars and was the first one to see a supernova. Brahe was able to catalogue the stars using his naked eyes as the telescope wasn’t even invented. Check the video from above for more crazy facts about Tycho Brahe.

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