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I took the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS fund raising

I took the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS fund raising. Our boss, Emilian, took us, the guys from Spring Merchant, in the center of Brasov city, Romania, and then gave us a nice icy bath. I am the tall guy, the second from left to right. That water was freezing. Good that we had some great weather on Sunday for this 😀

ALS is the acronym for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and is a genetic disease that attacks after the age of 20. Once the disease is installed the voluntary motor functions, like moving the hands and feet, are gradually shut down. After 1-3 years the involuntary muscle functions, like the beating of the heart, are stopping and you die. Not cool at all.

In case you were wondering where all that money from the challenge goes you need to know that 72% does to program expenses which means: education, fund raising and research. The other to utilities and salaries.

So the myth that the foundation doesn’t use the money as advertised is just a myth. Check datasheet on fund usage and also see the ratings in CharityNavigator, a website that monitors charities.

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