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Climate change is boring

As with anything science, the scientists don’t really know how to frame their findings and the dangers we may face. They need science communicators like Derek Muller, from Veritasium, who can explain in plain words what is happening and why we should care about what scientists are telling us. It is a well known fact that the general climate will change and while +1-2 degrees Celsius overall might not sound big, it can wreak havok in many parts of the world.

We should stress one thing out: Earth, as a planet will be just fine. We’re just nothing compared to it, but if we let our civilization affect climate change in such abrupt ways, then many animal species and our selves will be hurt by these actions of ours.

Climate change movement triggered the alarm that we should be more green, more careful with our home and it is a bad sign that Australia doesn’t regulate the companies in regards to carbon emissions like they did. We need to keep a price on carbon.

The cause of concern is that our actions, like burning fossil fuels, generate a lot of carbon that then is spewed into the atmosphere. That carbon will then trap the heat that comes from the Sun and Earth and irradiate it back to Earth. This leads to increasing temperatures but, also surprisingly, it can lead to small glaciations.

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