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Bill Nye, a modern-day hero of science

Bill Nye went in the lions den and had a head on fight with Ken Ham, the creator of the ideology called scientific creationism, a bullshit package of ideas. Anyways, Bill went in there and was able to answer to many questions with science, proof, logic. Ken Ham wasn’t able to give accurate answers to many of the questions and based all his words on belief in his own theories, instead being able to bring forth evidence.

Bill says that is someone brings proof that we live in a 6000 year world, then he will take that evidence to hear, but Ken Ham said nothing will make him change his mind.

For example, how can one explain that from 7000 species of animals that would fit in Noah’s Arc about 4000 years ago we now have millions of species? Did over 300 species suddenly appear each day in the last 4000 years? How do you explain that we get light from millions of years away or how do you explain the presence of kangaroos in Australia where there are no tracks of them going from the arc to Australia?

Bill Bye has created a number of shows throughout the years and has led many to science jobs. Allowing science in schools should be #1 priority and religion should be kept out of schools because it simply makes people science illiterate and therefore crazy dumb. Religion should be taught outside of school, and no, evolution is not a theory as in “hypothesis”, it is a theory as in “fact”.

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