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The list of bad science journals – these predatory journals publish online whatever crap you sent them in exchange for your money

Science Based Medicine triggered the alarm that there are hundreds of online science journals that aren’t really science journals. They are online websites that accept to publish any crap in exchange for your money.

The researchers have even sent in a HIV paper which they copied from another team, changed every instance of the word “HIV” with “cancer” and then submitted that paper. It was instantly published. You can see some absurd papers being published that have nothing to do with science. Watch out.

So, whenever you see someone ranting about publishing in science journals, please check if those journals are in this predatory journals list and if yes, then tell them to back off.

The best places to publish a paper are Science and Nature, but you need to have a solid paper and research and also have a couple of thousands of dollars to pay for the review process. Now, go sciencing and publish in Nature or Science.

UPDATE 17 jan 2017: Scholarly OA has been effectively closed, articles deleted. RetractionWatch reports.

If you still want to see the list, then go to Internet Archive. Also you can see the latest lists of the predatory journals below:

Predatory publishers (zip archive of this page is here Predatory publishers)
Predatory journals (zip archive of this page is here Predatory journals)
Misleading metrics( zip archive of this page is here Misleading metrics)
Hijacked journals (zip archive of this page is here Hijacked journals )

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4 replies on “The list of bad science journals – these predatory journals publish online whatever crap you sent them in exchange for your money”

AASCIT are complete spammers beware. Recently i sent an article to the American journal of science and technology. After a bogus review they replied they have accepted my article. they asked me to pay article processing charges. The bank transfer address is Hong Kong while the journal is American! I transferred USD 200. After acknowledging the receipt of the money they refused to publish my article. I pleaded with them but since then they refused to reply. The address there is no person full name, no address, no contact. Only Gmail address. These are complete spammers. Do not ever send your journal to AASCIT. I have all the evidence of the communication i had with them. If need be i can give you the details.

There is also another journal, JSciMed, which publishes a bunch of different smaller journals. I sent them a perspective piece a few months ago, got back the ‘reviews’ which weren’t really reviews and then realized what was happening – that I was actually being scammed! So I sent back the manuscript and right after an email request to retract it. But they insist on me first published $400.00 then $300.00, almost haggling for a production price! Finally I stopped messaging them then I got an email a couple months later asking for $2500 and reviewing of my ‘proofs’. I sent the journal an email stating that I have not signed any copyright transfer documents or any contract to pay anything as I demanded my paper be retracted a long time ago. I also let them know if any of my material was published on their website or their ‘journals’ I will take legal action against their organization. Scientists need to come together to eliminate these predatory ‘fake’ journals.

Most probably it is an Indian publication. Just make sure to let Scholarly OA know about this via an email or comment so that he can add this journal to his list. Thanks.

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