Diseases: bubonic plague, ebola, herpes + where we donate vs what kills us

Right at the middle of the week I hit you with an article about diseases. Come on, you gotta love ’em. They show our nature and they are kind to the population by killing the weak ones. Kidding. diseases are bad and we must take every possible step in destroying it. Fortunately, vaccines and a cleaner world we live in have pretty much keps diseases at bay.

For example, the bubonic plague still exists today in certain places of the world, but we are safe from it because we keep our houses clean, we clean our selves a lot, use antibiotics and have a way better medical system now. Also, because so many have died in the past, only the strongest remained to send out stronger genes to us.

Analyzing bubonic plague will help us create better cures that will cover a hole range of diseases that work in similar ways to it.

What about Ebola? Well, fighting it with technology will ensure that in the future we will overcome this disease too. Since we now have containment procedures, hospital that can quarantine ill people and tech that can track the disease in airports, we can now be safer:

Now, are you ready to have your mind blown by Vsauce 2 in Mind Blow #86? Well, find out that most of us have herpes, but it won’t affect most of us if we have a strong immune system. You, yes you, may have hespes:

Another thing to think about: where we send our donations money and what actually kills more people. The disparity is incredible. We give money for breast cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease and ALS, but the top #4 killers are, in fact: heart disease, pulmonary diseases, diabetes and then breast cancer. the order is… out of order.

Good to know that people donate money, but they better be donating where it’s most needed:

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