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Salt, Diamonds and DNA: 5 Surprising Facts About Crystals

Reactions created a new video about crystals and how they behave. Did you also knew that the DNA, while an acid, has a crystaline structure? 2014 is the year of cristalography and Reactions teaches us 5 things about crystals. Crystals are materials in which the molecules have a unique arrangement called crystal lattice, a very well defined and uniform structure.

Those 5 things are:
– salt is a crystal – Willian Henry Bragg and William Lawrence Bragg wanted to know, in 1913, how salt formed and used X-rays to figure out what the crystal structure looked like. This way cristalography was born.
– there is a crystal stronger than the diamond – it is called wurtzite boron nitrite (80% stronger)
– DNA is a crystal structure – Rosalind Franklin used X-ray cristalography to determine the B-form of the DNA
– Earths largest crystals are also found in drywall – the largest known crystals are found in the Cave of Crystals in Mexico and they are made of gypsum crystals. Gypsum is also used in drywall.
– the pink star diamond is the most expensive diamond – is 59.6 carats. 1 carat = 200 mg , 1 carat costs = $ 1 395 761. The pink diamond costs over $83 million.

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