Dr. Oz, the snake oil shithead that sells “miracle weight loss cures”, smoked and exposed

The guys at Vox have created a summary of three of the biggest lies of the shithead called Dr. Oz, a guy who is ready to always sell you miracle weight loss cures. Those never work. They only make your wallet lose money.

The three of the biggest lies this Dr. Oz is selling:
– metabolism boosters – those will only boost your metabolism with <1% for a short period of time so they won't actually help with anything. It is about 1/2 calories per minute. - blasting away your belly fat - there is no way to target weight loss and fat to a given area. - miracle pills - these supplements like Raspberry Ketones, won't help you lost weight But what makes you lose belly fat and keep you slim? Dr. Oz is the one to tell you: - eat food from earth, natural food, not processed - exercise Both are required to keep you healthy. No supplements and no metabolism boosters needed. As a side note, Dr. Oz, fuck you for being such a dick and lying in the way you do, shithead.

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