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5 ways in which game developers troll gamers

I never knew the game developers troll people like that until I saw the video from above from Zoomin TV Games. The ways the games are trolling you can be subtle or outright bullyish.

Some examples:
– GTA V: you need to find 30 submarine pieces for only 10 bucks
– Devil May Cry: Dante’s hair changed to silver for only split second and then back to short black hair (apparently some are not amused by this move)
– Metal Gear Solid 2: Solid Snake exist for only 20 minutes in the game and is replace with another character
– Eternal Darkness: Sanity Effects – it deletes your save files or show no items in the inventory
– Batman: Arkham Asylum – Broken console. At a given time your screen might show glitches.

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