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CGP Grey mini-documentary: Humans Need Not Apply

CGP Grey has outdone himself and created a mini-documentary that is 15 minutes long. It is not easy to create such a thing when he had to work a week to get one 3 minute long video in place. So, kudos to CGP Grey which has 1.8 million views for the video from above.

Humans Need Not Apply is a documentary about the role of machines in our lives and how they affects us in good ways or not. Many fear that with the advent of intelligent machines many will lose their jobs as the machines are right now able to take over 90% of all the tasks a human does.

That is kinda scary and in the future only a narrow set of humans, like software programmers, engineers and the such, will be able to still find a place. Not even college will be enough for many to find a working place. Machines will be able to most of the work we do now.

In any case, the situation is not as apocalyptic as we’d think because such things happened before: the industrial age where many worked were sent home, the robotic age where many factory workers were not needed, the computer age where the computers are able to do increasingly more complex jobs. Yet, we are still here and we are still having something to work on.

Since we can foresee that 90% of the people will be jobless int he future, we need to create a plan to get something to work for everyone.

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