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26 facts about amusement parks with Mental Floss

John Green, from Mental Floss, presents us 26 facts about amusement parks in the US and, without a doubt, you never knew some of these facts. In any case, one less known fact is that large media/content companies who love to have all the control in their verticals also like to use amusement parks as a way to gain more from their movie characters. Disney is such a case.

Now, here are some facts about the amusement parks:
– early roller coasters were repurposed mine tracks
– created in 1950 Disney’s Tomorrowland was defined to look like 1986
– there is an interactive (touchscreens) sex theme park
– The Palace of Versailles inspired fun house mirrors
– The Stratosphere is world’s highest amusement park
– a dude rode roller coasters 112 continuously and gained a world record.

Check more such facts in the video from above.

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