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The incredible story of blue: how painters colored the era they lived in

Nature Videos are thought provoking and often show a side of the culture of store we never knew existed. Why would we care about the blue color and how hard it was to come by? Why would we care about painters and their colors anyway?

Painters needed to use herbs and stones and whatever they could find to paint lively painting, vivid depictions of what they wanted to show us. An image is worth 1000 words, but a colored image is worth more.

Blue, among all colors, was hard to come by and Ashok Roy, from UK National Gallery, is presenting us the history of this color. UK’s National Gallery is showing off the exhibition called Making Colour between June 18th and September 8th in Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN. When they wanted to paint something in blue they had to first use lapis lazuli, a mineral from NE Afghanistan which contains lazurite, then, after a long while, turned to cobalt blue. A long road to the colors we can use today.

From National Gallery:

Journey from lapis lazuli to cobalt blue, ancient vermilion to bright cadmium red, through yellow, orange, purple and verdigris to deep green viridian – in a series of colour-themed rooms. Finally, enter a dazzling central room devoted to gold and silver.

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