Plastic from air? Not so fast

Thunderf00t has his chemistry sniper rifle aimed at the plastic from air hype that claims that a company called Newlight can create plastic from air. Since there is enough carbon dioxide in the air you could theoretically trap it, add water and then burn it to obtain CH2, a base molecule in plastics.

But Thunderf00t asks: if this were true, at what costs? He thinks that these guys don’t even get the carbon from the air int he first place. Most interestingly if they would get it from air, then the energy costs to obtain 1 kg of air plastic would lead to the consumption of 100 kg of fossil fuel used to generate the electricity to make the pump run.

Since we generate over 1kg of carbon each day, Thunderf00t asks why do they obtain so little amounts of plastic in the first place? Even if you would use methane from air, you would still consume way more energy than usual petrochemical processes to obtain that 1 kg of plastic.

If something sound too good to be true, then probably it is.

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