Vsauce dord: a few lessons about English language won’t hurt

Dord is an unintentionally invented word from the Websters Dictionary which exited for 13 years (1934 – 1947) before they saw the mistake. Dord meant simply “D or d”, the abbreviation for density, in the Chemistry section. Vsauce aka Micheal Stevens goes then to explain what the collateral adjectives are and how English has a ton of language adventures as things might easily get complicated in this language.

You may say that orange doesn’t rhyme with anything, but it does. However other words do not have rhymes like: comment, penguin, empty. And, interestingly enough you can use only the word “police” to create an eight word sentence like this: Police police police police police police police police. Which means, basically, that the upper levels of the police institution need to police the smaller levels.

English is interesting, eh?

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