TechQuickie: what is video compression

The guys at Techquickie create interesting videos on basics of different digital technologies and video compression of one of those techs. video compression is a great technical achievement of the digital world in which movies that would normally be 70GB in size are reduces to only about 70 MB.

Compression is a process in which you try to remember what parts on the same image are the same and then write down the information in this way: this type of pixel in these locations (X, Y,Z, T). Like in the video from above, there is a lot of white space behind the presenter. You can reduce all that space to only a couple of instructions and you saved a lot of space.

There is the compression which is done inside the frame or image, that is called intraframe compression or spatial compression. Usually you would use .jpeg compression (or codec) for that. Jpeg comes from Joint Photographic Experts Group.

And there is the interframe compression, the one done between the frames of the video, also called temporal compression. You would use the mpeg video format (or codec) for that. Mpeg stands for “motion jpeg”.

You can learn more about file compression from the video from below. It goes in more technical details:

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