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Discovery Channel: debunking their Shark Week and presenting REAL shark facts

Since Discovery Channel simply spit on educational shows and invented stories about the Megalodon during Shark Week last year, people have started fighting back. Discovery Channel vilifies sharks and shows them off as human killers when, in fact, we kill 100 million sharks each year and there are only a handful of shark attack each year. We’re a bigger threat to them and not the other way around, but Discovery Channel does not care about truth. They just like to invent shit.

In any case, you can learn why Shark Week on Discovery Channel is fake and why YouTubers have taken to themselves to create a genuine shark week. Sharks are around since 400 million years ago, way before dinosaurs. That’s something.

In the video from below we learn about why sharks do not have bones with Hank Green, from SciShow. Sharks have cartilage instead of bones and that makes them highly maneuverable and fast. Also, they do not have scales on their skin, they have small teeth:

Joe Hanson, from Its Okay To Be Smart, tells us what happens if we kill off all the sharks: we simply destroy and entire ecosystem as sharks are on top of the marine food chain is killing them would mean that the levels below them would be disrupted.

Kill all the sharks and then the smaller fish who eat even smaller fish will eat all those smaller fish. Then the algae will grow everywhere like crazy. There is a fine balance we need to keep and sharks shoudl be more protected and not vilified like Discovery does:

Finally, learn more about sharks and the fact that they can make cancer from the video list from below. Also, make sure to read the post from Compouund Chem about shark repellents. Happy Shark Week:

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