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How to build a gaming PC on a budget.

Jays Two Cents has a ton of great tips in the video from above and, as a gamer, I couldn’t be any happier of having spent 15 minutes watching this video.

first off, Jay explains what “on a budget” means. It does not mean, cheap it meant whatever amount you got ready to use. It can be $500 or $5000, he explains what you need to look for.

So, here are some quick tips from him:
– make sure that you spend only about 30% of your budget for the video card
– check what you really want to do with the PC: if you will play games a lot, then you need to focus on the video card, but if you are into video processing, then you need to make sure the processor is top notch
– try to obtain the maximum performance for games by buying only the things you’d really need. An SSD can be skipped right now and an HDD can work just fine for games
– RAMs. It seems that the sweet spot today is about 8 GB of RAM
– don’t wait six month for the new and shiny video card Nvidia or AMD will come up with as it might cost you too much

Soon I’ll build my own pc on a budget and it will contain and AMD FX processor, ATI Radeon R9 (at least 256 bits), 8 or 16GB RAM DDR3, 1TB HDD, a good power supply and a motherboard that could support up to 32GB of RAM. That would cost me between $700 – $1000, so a medium-small sized gaming pc 😀

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