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The electric cars were hip way before Tesla, in 1897, when they were used as taxis in London

Electric cars are not a new thing at all. Their development is as old as the one of the regular petrol based cars. Smithsonian Mag tells us that those cars were used in 1897 as taxis in London, but by 1899 the company failed to get traction and they needed to close shops. Too bad.

Those electric taxis were named Bersey taxis after the founder of the taxi company, Walter Bersey. Too bad that they did not catch up with the public. If this would have happened, then today we would have had a totally different world. Also, please remember that such cars have been developed since 1830.

In 1897 there were about 75 such taxis in London, they had an autonomy of 50 kilometers and a top speed of 20 kilometers. They weighted about 2 tons and had replaceable batteries, the old ones with a glass top. Magnific times, magnific cars, and people could not comprehend what a big change they could have brought us. Too bad, too bad. 🙁

See below an image of such an electric car:

(image source Science Museum)

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