Building BIG and cool: the telecommunications buildings and the Ferris Wheel

Urban Giants from Telx on Vimeo.

Since I first saw the video from above on Kuriositas I wanted to write about it. The Urban Giants movie talks about two big telecommunications buildings built between 1928 and 1932 for Western Union and AT&T. These building are, even today, cornerstones of the global communications lines. The internet is routed through these two buildings even today, almost a century after they were used for telephone lines.

Now, after you have seen the wonder of these two buildings, be amazed of yet another big building: the Ferris Wheel. It is, in fact, a moving building that will get people high in the sky and allow them to see the best views you can get around there.

Ferris was a clever engineer who was the first one to think of such contraption. Great guy!

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