Animals: which has 750 legs and how do, some of them, change color

Yes. animals can be strange and can have from 1 leg, the snail, to 750 legs, the millipede called Illacme plenipes. this creature simply adds new legs as it grows and grows. I’m not a big fan of such animals, but I need to admit that they do have their role on Earth and they offer a certain kind of flavour to the animal kingdom. There are even animals with an odd number of legs, and most of those live in the water and are relative with octopi.

Now, how do some of the animals, like chameleons, some frogs or some bugs, change their color? They usually have color cells in their skin and some, like the chameleon, have yellow, red, blue and even brown pigment cells which enables them to have any kind of color pattern they want.

Watch and be inspired:

Bonus: World’s 10 strangest animals. The arsenic eating bacteria seems a nice guy to have around 😀

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