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The internet and Google in HUGE freaking numbers

The internet is BIG, way too big for anyone to really comprehend it, but we can, at, least, see a summary of what it is in a couple of minutes.

About the internet:
– 2.9 billion people use it today
– 96% of it is the dark web or underweb
– S citizens spend at least 2.5 h/ day on the web
– we create 527 million metric tons of CO2 yearly to keep the internet working

Now, about Google:

Google has about 88.2% market share in the world of search and earns 58.7 billion US dollars yearly. A Google engineer receives $129k/year before benefits and when Google shut down for 4 minutes in 2013, internet traffic was 40% lower in those minutes.

That is HUGE. Not many people are able to build empires like Google and many of us would like to be part of such an event. In any case, we live a great era and there’s only going upwards.

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