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Terraforming Venus? A kids job and a few hundred years of work.

Could we terraform Venus? Not now, but this coudl be certainly a task for future us, maybe in 100-200 years. First, Venus has a thick atmosphere with a pressure 91 times stronger than ours, then there is a lot of heat in there, over 300 degrees Celsius, a lot of CO2 and it rains with sulfuric acid. Not a place to be for any kind of known life form.

To terraform Venus we need to get rid of the carbon from the atmosphere by using a lot of magnesium to trap it in rock, and then we need to get rid of the sulfuric acid and the atmosphere will have a pressure close to ours. Then we need to make sure that we generate enough oxygen and that we gather water.

Sounds easy? For a SciFi movies yes, but not for us, not right now. But, at the pace the science and technology is moving, we can be certain that we will travel to Venus in the next 200 years.

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