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Antimatter goes up, with Morgan Freeman as narrator

A CERN physicist Dragan Hajdukovic, from Montenegro, has his own hypothesis in regards to the antimatterg and its effect on gravity. It seems that the anti-matter would also have anti-gravitational properties. since in the void of space many matter-anti-matter particles show up and then blast each other away in very very short time, they exert zero gravitational effect.

The CERN physicist theorizes that since the matter exerts gravity the anti-matter should exert an anti-gravitational pull, otherwise both would effectively create a sum gravitational effect during their very short lives existence in this Universe.

If his hypothesis should be true, then we now would know how to build our anti-gravitational vehicles we so often see in many sci-fi movies. Could it be that simple? Theoretically, scientists can obtain anti-matter and contain it via magnetic fields, but to make an actual anti-G vehicle you’d need tremendous amount of energy to create and trap the anti-matter.

Time will tell.

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