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Veritasium: the information that makes the diffrence between me and you can be stored on a floppy-disk

We, humans, share almost all the genetic code with every other human being on this planet. The total information in the DNA that makes us, well US, can be stored on a floppy-disk, in about 1.5MB of information. That is the amount of information that is DIFFERENT from human to human. The total information contained in the DNA is about 1.5 GB.

Can you imagine? 1.5 Gb of information in a 2 meter long strand of acid (that what the DNA is) that si trapped inside a cell’s nucleus.

From 100 000 genes that could be located in the DNA it seems that only about 19 000 are protein generating genes, but that is a story for other times.

In any case, in regards to information, even though some languages make you speak very quickly, the same quantity of information is sent to the listeners in the same time in any language. The total information in all our cells amounts to about 60 zettabytes meaning more than all the information that the humanity will create until 2020.

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