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Soccer science: the physics behind a curve ball

I never knew that the curve ball effect is really true and, if so, how would that work. Well, the effect is true and it works marvelous with the feet of a true soccer player.

But what do you you need to do in order to give the ball a curved path and how does it all work? You need to hit the ball on its lower right side with you inner part of the show and then also give it a spin.

That actual spin drags the air around the ball, and this drag makes the air that comes in the same direction as the one the ball is rotating into accelerate and the deflect behind the ball and to the right. The air that will come on the opposite side of the ball, where it will meet air that flows against it will slow down and then straight.

Since the accelerated air goes to the right and the slowed air meet up behind the ball, they build up a pressure area and the ball is pushed on the opposite side.

This won’t work in vacuum and you can’t obtain a curved path in vacuum since there is no air to create that pressure build-up.

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