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If we’re evolving why are there apes?

As IFL Science showed on their Facebook page it is because we didn’t evolved from apes, but because we and the apes have a common ancestor, way back million o years. How coudl the scientist find something like this? DNA, that freaking 2 meter lon acidic molecule that holds the key to all life on Earth.

By comparing DNA across various species the scientists were able to find our who oru most common ancestors are and how much of the DNA we share with plants, viruses and apes. yep, we share quite a handful of DNA code with any other living thing on “this pale blue dot”.

So, we didn’t evolve from apes.

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Just imagine that you are separating out of your parental home (remember you are not moving out but just seperating)… The first thing you probably would do while seperating is to find a new lock and key for your portion of that house…? That is what humans did exactly when they seperated out of the Chimpanzees, they got a new Lock & a Key and started stuffing their portion with new Valuables that never existed in the parental house… Remember now there is a seperated lock & key for we humans, so our new found Valuables (traits) could never be shared with by the parental house (ie, our parental species of  Chimps)… This is the reason why primitive Monkeys exist along side we developed Humans…! Experimental: The secure key & the lock that made all the difference is believed to be the IZUMO1 & JUNO protein pair, found on the surface of Sperm & Ovum respectively… More info: Just take a look at the protein (IZUMO1) on the surface of the sperm… It identifies itself to its counterpart in the Surface of Ovum (JUNO) telling that it belongs to the same species…. This protein pair is the first point of contact when a sperm enters a ovum… and it is species specific… A kind of Key and Lock security to prevent cross species fertilization… I did check the aa seqs of this pair among all the primates and they Do differ… Even Humans vs Chimps…. yet Human vs Neandertal match perfectly…. Surprisingly aa seq align of Donkeys match with Horses (no wonder there are Hybrids like Mule/Hinny)… Its my belief that changing the lock and key (aa seq of IZUMO1 & JUNO) did the trick of Speciating Humans away from Chimps and so happened among the different primates… Following speciation all the new traits that humans developed were never shared with monkeys (thanks to the security offered by IZUMO1 & JUNO)… So monkeys still remain as Monkeys…! Ref:

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