Fighting cancer in the future with antibody-drug conjugates

Cancer cannot be killed of so easily and, if the tumor is way too big or malign, then you’re in for a bumpy ride, most often, to death. not a cool way to die as you’d need to employ chemotherapy coupled with radiation therapy and no one can tell you for sure if you will survive.

A new technique makes use of antibody-drug conjugates, a system in which the drug that can kill of the tumors is attached to the antibodies and then it is released only when the antibodies locate the tumor cells. It is hard to make this technique actually work, but they are on the right path.

The major issue with chemotherapy is that the drugs target bad cells, but good cells too and you get weaker and weaker because of such treatments. The antibody-drug conjugates would help target specifically the tumor cells.

We’re entering a new era of personalized drugs and it will not be long before we can have a drug designed instantly for our own genetic code, blood type and cells. Can’t wait to see that day coming.

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