Ebola outbreak in West Africa

Vice News Reports that more than 357 people have already died of ebola in West Africa‘s countries like Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia and Cote d’Ivoire. As it is summer time now in the Northern Hemisphere many would like to go to Africa. Guys, first ask at your embassies about the ebola outbreak that is now in West Africa.

How do you die from ebola? The virus simply causes you to bleed internally and then externally through mouth, eyes or even anus. That is not something to play with and there is not cure for that. 90% death rate.

How do people get infected with ebola? They eat bushmeat, especially monkeys which carry the ebola virus, and some of these people cut themselves during cooking the bushmeat. This way the virus gets inside their bodies, through the wounds.

Transmission? Human-to-human transmission occurs via direct contact with blood or bodily fluids from an infected person (including embalming of an infected dead person) or by contact with contaminated medical equipment such as needles. Good to know that it does not spread via air, or we’d been toast by now as many people visit those places each year. Don’t touch people or equipment touched by people with ebola.

Usually, the infected meat, if it is cooked,can be eaten without getting ill of ebola.

Make sure to be careful if you go into West Africa or Sub-Saharan regions.

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