Afternoon LOL via Mundate Matt: Kim Jong-un declares war on Seth Rogen

You got to be kidding me, but then again, I would declare war to Seth Rogen too. we’s played in some almost-ok movies that had some of the most idiotic scenes I could have ever think of. It is just like those movies were created by a guy on meth or by someone who breathed farts all day and then come up with bright ideas of “funny”, but shitty movies.

Anyways, sometimes Seth Rogen is hilarious and it’s lame that we played in some of the most idiotic movies ever. Getting back to one of the most hilarious things ever, Kin Jong-un declares war to Seth Rogen and James Franco because of a movie called The interview. The plot of the movie? Kill North Korea president.

Kim Jong-un must be a little too idiotic to think that movies amount to much. Anyways, I hope US blows North Korea to pieces soon enough as communism is not something we should tolerate on Earth whatsoever.

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