If you’re sick when do you get contagious?

When you become infected by cold or flu virus you will go through an incubation period, during which the virus enters cells and starts to divide itself a lot. Once there are enough copies of itself in a cell that cell will burst and let those viruses out. At this point the contagion period starts.

During the contagion period the viruses spread through your body in any cells they can like in your mucus or spit. If you sneeze, then you will throw those cells with viruses out of your body and they can enter in another person’s body. This is when you’re contagious.

Timelines: after the incubation period, when the cells burst and let the viruses out, you become contagious for a day before the symptoms show up. So, when you’re seeing that your ill, then you’ve been already contagious for a whole day.

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