Better images than with Hubble Space Telescope? Yes, with E-ELT.

The E-ELT, European Extremely Large Telescope, will be an engineering marvel when it will be completed in the next decade. With a main mirrors of 39 meters in diameter, it will be the biggest telescope ever built. The main mirror consists of over 700 hexagonal pieces that are 5 centimeters thick and are so flexible that they can be bent over 1000 times a second.

Due to the fact that these segments, the hexagonal pieces, can be bent in this way the telescope can adjust for the irregularities in the images dues to Earth atmosphere and it can obtain pictures far better than Hubble Space Telescope. E-ELT is a project coordinated by ESO, the European astronomy organization which also has the NTT, the VLT and now ALMA in Chile’s Paranal Desert.

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