Why does time exists? What is space?

Joe Hanson explains why time exists and what it actually is. Joe tells us that the laws of physics do not prevent us to see a world in which things run in reverse. Probably is used very often in these cases. Physicists see time as an increasing entropy in the Universe, entropy being seen as a law of probability.

We do not know why time exists, but we know that it exists and its flow was set on big bang, when the entropy was law, meaning the matter was more orderly than now. Time is change, change of entropy from low to high.

But what is space? space is the container of all the things in the universe and we know it can be bent by the presence of matter. The problem we have is that we do not have a concept of space that works the same for big objects and for quarks alike.

Look quantum gravity, causal sets, holographic universe, causal dynamical triangulations are different sets of hypotheses that try to explain what space is. It seems that space itself is not a fundamental part of reality. It is just a result of something else.

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