Robots built to mimic cockroaches are the most robust machines ever built- TED talk

Robert Full explains why nature is the ultimate robot designer when we look at the cockroaches. researchers have tried to mimic a cockroach when they’ve built a small robot and they were stunned to find out how fast and robust those cockroaches are.

Some details about cockroaches:
– they are darn fast
– they stabilize easily over any type of rough terrain
– their shape lets them fly through grass like crazy
– they can run upside down rapidly
– they wings for flying and use them to roll back with the top side up if they are flipped
– they can even run with only 2 of the 6 legs
– they climb up the walls by first banging with the head against the wall to keep a steady velocity
– they have extraordinary exoskeletons created from tubes and plates
– cockroaches can fit into 3 mm gaps because their body compresses with over 40%
– they can withstand over 800 times their body weight

Do not forget my favorite: if you cut the head off the cockroach is able to live for another 7 days when it dies because of starvation. Not many animals can survive that long without their heads attached to their body. Wait: only the cockroach can go through such event.

The researchers created DASH- dynamic autonomous sprawled hexapod – to try and mimic the same behavior in robots and it seems that it works. Such DASH robots can be used in the future for rescue mission. Great idea 😀

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