Snakes have two penises. Top 10 snake facts

Maddie presents us Top 10 snake facts and the one that really catches attention is the fact that they have two penises, although they do not use both at the same time. It seems they use only one at a time.

Other snake facts from Earth Unplugged:
– snakes do not have eyelids
– their habitats range wildly
– snakes don’t have ears, but they head through their jaws
– they come ins very many sizes, from few centimeters to meters long
– the smell with their tongue
– they have a ton of colors, the more coloured ones are the most venomous
– venom can kill in your a matter of minutes or hours (see the difference between venom and poison )
– when a snake constricts a prey it is not crushing their bones, it is forcing them to not breathe
– they were found to travel a lot due to human travels
– they have two penises

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