PC graphics settings explained

Make Use Of explained, through the voice and person of Robert Wiesehan, what several pc graphics settings mean and how to optimize those settings in order to get the best gaming experience there is. As a rule of thumb, you should always strive to obtain at least 30fps so that the gameplay is smooth even though you will sacrifice some of the quality.

So, here is the rundown of the video from above:
– screen resolution – amount of pixels on vertical and horizontal lines, more will show more finer details
– texture quality – higher texture quality shows more detail in each object of the game
– antialiasing (FXAA, FSAA, edge smoothing) – reduces jagged lines on the edges of objects, more will show more smoother edges
– anisotropic filtering – helps textures look sharper when you see them under an angle, like when you see the tire tracks on sand farther away
– view distance – setting this to high will show objects that are farther away
– LOD (load on demand) – show details only when you get closer
– shaders (shader pixels) – effects laid over textures to make those textures look more realistically

More details in the video from above.

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