Mundane Matt about Watch Dogs: I may not play the game again

Ubisoft released recently Watch Dogs and the game looks great. Until I’ll get a new pc in here I’ll have to look at others how they play it. This open world video game is packed with a ton of missions, the way i like it, and has a simple hacking device that lets you hack into almost anything.

Mundane Matt did a review of the game and he likes it. While the game is cool and all that, he may not play the game once again as he has done all the side missions and there is nothing else do come back to.

Honestly, the only games I ever came back to were GTA San Andreas and NFS Underground 2, FUEL and NFS Most Wanted. Nothing else. Any other shooters, RPGs and what-not were fun, but they never quite made me come back, so I understand Matt when he says he might not return to this game.

In any case, I can’t wait to play that game myself.

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