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The original World Wide Web: the Silk Road

No, it is not about the Silk Road of the Deep Web, it is about the original Silk Road a many thousands long road that connected Asia to Persia and to modern day Turkey. That road was used for centuries by tradesmen to send goods from the roman Empire to China, India, Persia and then back.

The silk Road was the first sign of globalization, a process in which different civilizations accelerate exchanges of culture, good, values, traditions. The original World Wide Web was as physical as it gets and it helped information to get across, especially military and engineering details that were rapidly used. Example is: the crossbow, which the Roman Empire learned from the Chinese.

A better connection, either by land, air or via wires will always benefit all as it facilitates exchanges like never before. Globalization has its good parts too. đŸ˜€

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