The newest inventor rage: creating a pulse jet engine and attaching it to the bicycle

Outrageous Acts of Science catches interesting science and tech facts and presents them in an easy to understand way. They featured Colin Furze from Lincolnshire, UK in their newest video for his pulse jet engine attached to his bicycle. Crazy shit, if you ask me.

His jetbike is a 10 foot long liquid propane driven pulse jet engine on two wheels. This bike can hit over 50 mph and be a noisy troublemaker.

A pulse jet engine is the simplest type of jet engine, which is simply a best tube, with no moving parts, and with three basic components: the exhaust, the long portion, the combustion chamber, the part that is a bit thicker and the intake, where it gobbles up the air needed for combustion.

At first he lets the propane get into the combustion chamber and then ignites it. After it starts burning the combustion chamber throws out all the gas from there on both ends of the tube. Since the combustion chamber and the intake are pretty close the combustion chamber gets filled with the air and propane needed to get everything burning again, but who does it ignite the mix again? It is the hot air that went on the second arm of the tube down the exhaust. It is not able to completely get out and so a part of that hot air reaches the combustion chamber with the mix and the cycle of explosions start again.

There will be 250 such explosions a second which makes this engine sound like a pulse an gives it the thrust it needs to propel Colin furze at 50 mph. Cool!

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