TedEd: how do we respond to pain?

In this TedEd lesson we learn what pain is and why we perceive it differently. Pain is a sensation created by our brain based on a mix of sensory inputs triggered when the tissue is damaged in various ways: pinching, burning, blunt hits.

Pain is perceived differently from person to person and chronic pain has rarely a cure as it has many causes that makes it an ongoing ordeal. Pain is our brain’s response to external stimuli that may threaten out life and this is why we react in the way of removing the external stimuli or getting our selves out of the harms way.

When we get away form the pain source the brain orders the generation of endorphins, substances that make us feel better. Usually painkillers are used to act on the nerve system in the way of blocking the pain signal from reaching the brain, but they do not always work. some people are able to cope with pain by using meds, others are coping by using meditation. In any case, soon enough we’ll be having personalized treatments, based on our own circumstances.

Soon, pretty soon!

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