Solar freaking roadways: find out why we’re not there yet

Thunderf00t took again the time to bust a myth or to clarify something that has been spread around the internet like a wildfire in the past weeks. It is about the solar roadways described here.

Ok, replacing the entire US roadway system with these intelligent solar panels on which trucks can run year in year out is a daunting dream. And it is still a dream as the costs only for the glass needed for these panels rises up to 20 tillion dollars 20*10^12 USD). That is a heck a lot of money and this is why the inventors got grants only for parking lots, which sounds more feasible.

As much as we like dreamy projects we need to be practical and think of the costs. Otherwise, the idea is neat and it would be fun to see it applied in 100-200 years in the cities of the future.

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