Science Asylum: the Amazon rainforest from Ecuador is badass

Nick, from Science Asylum, creates fun videos about anything you can think of. In this video we learn a bit about the Ecuadorian rain forest, a place that has many undiscovered secrets.

The Amazonian rainforest stretches from Ecuador on the West side to the Atlantic on the Eastern side and it is HUGE, being part of nine countries: 2.1 million square miles (5.5 million square kilometers). A rainforest is tall enough to contain four different habitats, with animals that don’t usually cross the habitats: forest floor, understory, canopy, emergent layer.

Given the fact that the rainforest is such a complex habitat you get to see there trees with roots that are outside of the earth or trees that move. Or you ca see tons of different animals. I would not stay too close to any of those animals 😀

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