It’s Okay To Be Smart: what makes Saturn stand out above other planets?

In the new episode Ask Joe Stuff #4 Joe Hanson explains why do hairs grow differently on our bodies, why do we get chills down our spines and what makes Saturn stand out above other planets. this is the part I liked the most.

Saturn has big rings, but even thou they are incredibly wide at about 150 000 km, those rings are only about 10 meters in depth. Such rings can form near any celestial body if another smaller body gets on the Roche limit. We could have rings too is the moon would get close enough to Earth, close as in 3000 kilometers above Earth surface. I still like the Moon as is, not as rings, ok?

Saturn has also a rotating hexagonal vortex on its North pole that is wider than Earth and it is 60% as dense as water. It also has 62 moons. Saturn would be a nice place to live it if it would have a solid surface and lower gravity šŸ˜€

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