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Digital carpets: a nice addition of business buildings

BBC News was at Clerkenwell Design Week in London and filmed the digital carpet made by Dutch carpet firm Desso and Philips. BBC’s Dougal Shaw wanted to test the carped by pouring water on it, but Ed Huibers from Philips Lighting was too scared to let him do this.

In any case, the digital carpet is not a huge invention, but it is a nice addition for business buildings. It is nice to see that, when you enter a building the floor tells you where to go with nice, shining LEDs to accompany you all the way.

The carpet is translucent and it lets the light of the LEDs get through just fine. Some haters would just scream that this isn’t a big thing, but it has many application so shut up haters.

Sometimes, the best way to make our lives better is not by inventing the time machine, but my mashing up currect tech and obtaining something neater, cooler, more practical.

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